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Turk Onyx Supplier

Turkey onyx quarries are located Bolu, Adıyaman, Sivas, Bilecik, Tokat, Afyon, Adapazarı, Ankara, Erzincan, and Kırşehir. Apart from that quarries, a different type of onyx stone is mined in Cankırı, Manisa, Denizli, and Sivas. Turkey is a rich country in terms of onyx color and pattern variety and quantity of onyx quarries. Turk onyx stone products are competitive in the world market. And also in terms of the variety of onyx products and quantity of them, we have enough potential to supply products to both the domestic and international markets.

In the Anatolia region, onyx stone is easily found due to the tectonic structure of it. Onyx stones were used in Greeks, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans for praying places, temples, theatres, education centers, and other governmental buildings due to its strong structure, and today, onyx is still preferred material for construction.

Onyx stones are one of the most important natural stones and they offer higher life quality and prosperity to the environment that is used.Our country’s onyx products are known for its special features such as clean look, high light transmittance, and different color variety all over the world. Developed countries can meet their natural stone needs with a 40% rate. The other 60 % needs should be supplied in other countries. Our company is ready to supply that need.

Granices has an important role with the latest technology machines, the fast process in problem-solving in onyx supply. With our talent to process raw material natural stone to make customer-ready natural stone, we meet the needs of the domestic and international market. We are one of the most important Turk onyx suppliers with our effective designs and new products.

Our company has an important role in the world due to high-quality onyx stones and our company is preferred from all over the world. One of the important reasons to be preferred worldwide is that we offer onyx products fast and without any production and export problems. We are proud of contributing to export with our power in natural stone production.