Turkish Onyx Export


Granices offers unique types of onyx blocks and products that are mined and manufactured in Turkey. Granices manufactures the different patterns in each block and different of onyx marble colors such as transparent onyx, yellow onyx, honey onyx, green onyx, onyx white, onyx marble pink, red onyx, black onyx, onyx blue marbles.

The onyx factory and onyx quarries are located in Afyon and Denizli and these cities are really close to international ports of Turkey and have a unique location to export onyx products. Granices offers onyx marbles are manufactured easier and fast and export onyx products all over the world with the world standards. We manage all export operations from our management centers that are located in Istanbul and Izmır.

Granices exports onyx products to mainly China and other countries with the help of FOB and CIF criteria and all other regulations. We organize all export operations with our experienced staff and help you avoid time losses. All of our export processes are guaranteed and we check your orders in every step before shipping. We also support you during shipment and after-sales process. We are proud of being a reliable business partner and always ready to meet your onyx needs. Contact us to learn more about the export operation on onyx products.