Turkey Onyx Factory


Granices offer the best quality onyx products with the help of our Afyon and Manisa onyx factories, where our experienced staffs use high machine technologies. We manufacture onyx slabs filled and honed and then serve onyx products through our factory to our customers. 

Granices with its onyx factories can meet the needs of the domestic market and international markets by cutting cross cut and vein cut pattern types. Onyx is a special and precious stone due to its durable structure.  Granices has a high percentage on the onyx market and shares the onyx stone production in Turkey with  15.000 m2 onyx production that only in the last three months. Our onyx factories are has a good location that is close to the İzmir and Mersin ports that are the most important international ports of Turkey. Also, Ankara and İstanbul, which are management centers are located in Turkey are close to our onyx factories.

  Granices Turkish onyx products are preferred by many people from all over the world due to the transparency of the colors, designs, and textures of onyx products. We manufacture and contribute to Turkish onyx production with our onyx floor, onyx facade covering, onyx plate, marble bedside table, marble kitchen top, lighted onyx marble, coffee table, onyx marble table, bathroom and souvenir productions in our onyx factories and has high production rate. The onyx factories of Granices are open to all customers and business partners from all over the world.