Turkish Onyx Marble

One of the semi-valuable stone, Turkish Onyx stone, is hard to understand the difference of it from ordinary marble. The main feature of Onyx stone is that it has light transmittance. But marble is a natural stone that does not have light transmittance. That’s why even onyx seems like marble, it differs from marble. In order to obtain Turkish onyx materials, the deeper mining area is needed. That’s why it is a valuable natural stone. One of the main differences between marble and onyx is that onyx is needed deeper mining area to be extracted. With the technological devices, Turkish onyx stone is a really valuable material. Due to its strong structure, onyx is used for jewelry making.
Turkish onyx stone is one of the favorite products of architecture and it is used in both domestic and international markets for a better look in buildings. It can be sold as blocks as well as smaller pieces. With its attractive look, Turkish onyx is also a healthy product. According to some researches on onyx, it is a beneficial and healthy product. Due to its content, it has silicium and carnelian materials that are helpful for human health.

Turkish Onyx Marble Properties and Application Areas

Turkish onyx marble is extracted as blocks from quarries and then grouped according to the main properties.With that way, onyx marble is grouped for different price groups and application areas. Turkish onyx stone was used both in Ottoman time and Roman Empire time for different buildings. In all history, Turkish onyx stone has been preferred frequently in praying places and temples. In today’s world, it is preferred mostly for jewelry making and decorative purposes but also it is used in building such as homes and workplaces. Onyx is used to create a more luxurious look for the environments. With its light transmittance feature, it creates a homogenous look and Turkish onyx stone is used in kitchens and bathrooms.
Turkish onyx marble is a valuable natural stone and has been used in history for decorative purposes. In archaeological excavation for Roman and Ancient Egypt, it is found that the usage of onyx marble stone was common. Especially, construction of place is the place that onyx was used to represent the power of kings. In the Ottoman Empire, onyx marble stone was used in mosques for decorative purposes. With different colors of Onyx stone, it is used for a luxurious look. Even it is known Turkish onyx stone is used in Rolls Royce cars.

Turkish Onyx Marble Block and Prices

Turkish onyx marble block is extracted from quarries as blocks to be processed.Turkish onyx marble is used for decorative purposes, floor covering, and many other areas. With its light transmittance feature, Turkish onyx marble can be used in almost all areas. It changes all look of the environment that is applied and Turkish onyx marble is used especially in entrances, reception places in hotels, and expositions. Not only alone, but Turkish onyx marble can also be used with different materials such as wood and metal and it is the product that customers prefer.
Granices is an expert on natural stone processing with the latest technology and it processes natural stone to give esthetic and different look for the market. We process Turkish onyx marble with the latest technology. Turkish onyx marble block prices change according to processes that are made on the products. Turkish onyx marble price depends on the processes and features. In order to learn the types and the prices of Turkish marble products, you can contact and learn all information about the products you are looking for.